Left Hand Progress

My left hand’s middle metacarpal bone was broken playing basketball at CSL on 10/1/17 in Bellevue. I swiped a pass a guy hand monster grip that held onto for dear life but I knocked it out of bounds. That was in the first few minutes of the game and I played the rest of it thinking I only sprained my finger. But I knew something was wrong after the game cuz it didn’t feel like a sprain anymore. I didn’t know it was broken, though! Geezmeneez. First broken bone and first operation in my life. I played volleyball after the operation to finish out that season as my team there, WePlay, needed players. But rehab is helping greatly and I’ll be back 100% by February 2018.

X-ray 10/9/17
Trauma with internal bruising/bleeding (10/10/17)
Got splint (10/10/17)

Healing but scar tissues still (12/18/17)

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